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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bunny Doesn't Want That Type of Promotion

With just two days left for the release of his highly anticipated entertainer 'DJ', Allu Arjun has kicked off the promotions. To the surprise of media men, he is said to be putting forth a condition before commencing any interview.

Bunny is reportedly asking media persons to ask questions related only to Duvvada Jaganntham. Media may not like these restrictions but they can't afford to lose a direct interaction with a star like Allu Arjun. Only after he gets a confirmation from the journalists, he is obliging for interviews. It seems that Bunny is hell bent to avoiding negative publicity this time.

Whenever a star hero or for that matter any celeb gives an interview, it is very common for enthusiastic media persons to raise queries related to controversies and rumors, besides the usual questions related to films. In the case of Bunny, queries like his equation with Pawan's fans, setting up separate fans' associations, competition with Ram Charan etc. would have come up had not Bunny alerted the journalists beforehand. 

Bunny will give some answer, it may be conveyed in some other way and it might be understood by and propagated among fans in completely different ways, leading to unnecessary controversies. Keeping this in mind, Bunny may have made his mind not to face such potentially controversy-reeking questions.

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