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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Allu Arjun-Sneha Reddy Exchange Rings

Tollywood’s hearthrob Allu Arjun’s engagement took place yesterday evening at bride’s residence. Megastar Chiranjeevi, wife Surekha , son Ram Charan Teja and others attended the function.
Clad in a traditional pink nine-yard sari, blushing bride, Sneha Reddy and groom Allu Arjun exchanged engagement rings in midst of family members and close relatives. A source said that bride and groom looked lovely and radiant together. They looked truly like made for each other, adds source. The couple's wedding will be held in February 2011.
Sneha Reddy is the daughter of educationist and businessman Sankar Reddy. She has completed MS in Computer Science from a reputed US university.
The engagement of noted actor allu arjun and Sneha Reddy will take place on Friday. According to sources, the engagement will take place at at the bride’s residence. Incidentally, the movie ‘Orange’, starring allu arjun’s cousin and actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi son, Ram Charan will be released.

As per the same sources, political leaders from across the spectrum and celebrities will grace the engagement ceremony. Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao will also grace the occasion. The marriage is most likely to be solemnized in February, 2011,  after the release of Arjun’s film ‘’.According to reports, the date for the engagement ceremony was decided after consulting astrologers. The astrologers matched the bride’s and groom’s horoscope and told the Allu family that this is the only day suitable for the engagement in the near future.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kathi Kalyan & Mega Babu hails both hail from legendary Film Families

Both of them hail from well recognized legendary families in industry. Both of them have tried and still trying their best to prove as artists. But, here is the point where they are striking a rare resemblance and that is about planning movies on their banners with their respective family heroes.

Yes, Naga Babu announced it during a recent interview that he was weak in handling the projects as a producer. ‘I can’t handle two or three projects at a time as a producer. It is true that I was not able to use the hero images of my family members. Never too late, we are planning movies with Allu Arjun and Pawan Kalyan in coming days on Anjana Banners,’ said Naga Babu about his future projects.

Other side, it was kalyanram on the same track trying to use the enormous craze for his family heroes like Balakrishna and Junior NTR. ‘I am planning to come up with movies of Babai Balakrishna and brother Tarak on NTR Arts. Discussions are also going about multi starrer and we are still working on it. I am not at all against multi starrers,’ said kalyanram.

So, it seems to be a situation where in kalyanram and Naga Babu as producers are trying to bring big ventures very soon still magnifying the images of their respective families. Let us see, who will succeed first.

Allu Arjun injured on the Shooting Sets

Allu Arjun injured on the shooting sets
Stylish Star allu arjun is getting too busy these days in order to complete the remaining portion of shoot much before February, 2011. Director VV Vinayak is also spending restless nights shooting it day and night. After going through hectic schedule in Manali, allu arjun has brought forward the deal about his marriage and everything went off smoothly.

Now, it is known that allu arjun while performing a complex dance composition for a peppy number in ‘Badrinath’ has pulled his shoulder muscle yesterday evening. In severe pain, doctors advised Arjun to go for a break of at least three to four days. After completion of initial investigations, allu arjun is safe from this minor injury and the unit will resume the shoot any time in next two to three days.

In particular, allu arjun’s special martial arts perfectioned in Vietnam for ‘BAdrinath’ will stand highlight of the movie. Wait till March of next year for release of this magnum opus.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Allu Vari new look in 'Badrinath'

Allu Aravind and Allu Arjun are determined and don’t want anything less than a ‘Magadheera’ from VV Vinayak with their ‘badrinath.’ Made on a whopping budget of above Indian Rupee symbol.svg 40 Crores, Allu Aravind seems to have tightened the schedules in order to complete the entire shoot of movie before the commencement of Arjun’s wedding in February, 2011.

Pushing for the release at earliest, Aravind is not to compromise on quality and here by reports say that special feature of this movie would be martial arts from Allu Arjun who mastered in Vietnam under the supervision of Peter Heins. After completion of major action episodes in Manali, Arjun and Peter are working on few more stunts in Hyderabad which are of course to become most mind blowing stunts ever seen on Indian screen.

Arjun’s ultramodern ponytail hairstyle which looked stylish watching him at ‘Orange’ audio is all to say about how the movie is going to be. So, Allu Arjun is to rock in ‘badrinath,’ the last film with his Bachelor status.

Allu Arjun secret revealed for Rajamouli

Allu Arjun can be rated as one of the first heroes of South who introduced the culture of Six Pack Abs and the importance of present generation heroes to go for a macho look redefining the image of a South Hero which of course is followed by many of Bollywood Heroes later on.
Strengthening the abdominal muscles and loosing the body fat is not an easy task and requires dedication, time and patience. With proper diet and keeping the metabolism steady, Allu Arjun worked very heavily for staying fit all the way from his super hit ‘Desamuduru.’
Director rajamouli who is hosting the show of ‘Come on India’ on HMTV has rightly picked Allu Arjun for en episode to give the young generations an idea about diet and the ways they can remain fit for long life. Allu Arjun has opened the secret formula before rajamouli and discussed it point by point about how one could be trained for this kind of body buildup by exercising regularly. The session between rajamouli and Allu Arjun was found very useful for all those people who go around gyms shaping their body.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Fights in Badrinath!h

Stylish star Allu Arjun’s new upcoming film Badrinath shooting is going on in brisk pace. After completion of this movie shooting Allu Arjun is getting married with Sneha Reddy. Badrinath is being directed by sensational director VV Vinayak. Tamannah is playing the female lead role. Allu Aravind is producing this flick.
Badrinath movie will have some special action sequences. Allu Arjun recently took training on war fights. Presently they are canning some action sequences under action director peter heins. National award winner Kamal Kannan is working on special effects. Movie is planning to release in 2011, summer.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Allu Vari' Pelli Kaburlu

After that green signal from family and Sneha Reddy’s family to go forward with the marriage in February 2011, first step towards the grand wedding will be the engagement celebration. And for all those Mega lovers who love to see this kind of atmosphere in industry, here is news that KC Sekhar Reddy and Allu Aravind have finalized three dates in third week of this month for grand engagement ceremony.

As per the information, this event will take place at the residence of Sneha Reddy and only close relatives and friends from both the families will be invited. As this is the time to rejoice for Allu family, Allu Aravind is planning to offer a costly gift for his daughter-in-law while Sneha’s family is also ready to reciprocate with same grandeur.

So, once again this is a celebration time for Tollywood as one more Bachelor is to loose his freedom soon.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

'Badrinath' Action Sequence in Hyderabad

Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s ‘Badrinath’ is currently filming in Hyderabad.Allu Arjun is performing action scenes under the supervision of stunt director Peter Heins.Later to the action sequence they will be canning one song and some important scenes in a costly set which is established in Hyderabad.

The unit wrapped up three songs and 30% of the talkie part in Kulu Manali.The story is based on the back drop of the sacred place Badrinath.

Tamannah is pairing up with Allu Arjun.The film is directed by V V Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind under Geetha Arts. M .M Keeravani is composing the music; while Ravi Varman takes the charge of camera.The film will be hitting the screens on March 27, 2011, announced by the big budget producer of the Allu Aravind.

Allu Arjun & Mahesh in 'Magadheera' Logic..!!

Telugu film industry might have seen many movies on the concept of re-births. It was ‘Magadheera,’ the one which worked wonders with its mix of semi-periodicity and re-birth concept. Keeping in mind, the enormous potential of such stories allu arjun and Mahesh Babu are known to be coming with same such concepts.

If market information is to be believed, ‘Khaleja’ will have major portion of the movie emotionally well built with re-birth concept of Mahesh Babu while allu arjun’s ‘Badrinath’ will also be a semi-periodic film with backdrop of famous pilgrim centre Badrinath.
Will Mahesh and Arjun succeed following this ‘Magadheera’ logic? Let us wait and see, our Tollywood may give Indian cinema a new direction with this new concept.

'Badrinath' on the lines of 'Magadheera'

Mega Producer Allu Aravind looks to be eyeing on a record hit that is by every chance one step ahead to his historical ‘Magadheera.’ allu arjun and VV Vinyak’s ‘Badrinath’ going on lengthy schedules with extensions week by week, Allu Aravind is leaving the richness in content and movie output entirely on the shoulders of Hero and Director.Exactly same was happened to ‘Magadheera,’ as Allu provided the budget as demanded by Rajamouli who gave a movie of lifetime for Ramcharan and Geetha Arts. On listing the capable directors in Tollywood; VV Vinayak always stands besides Rajamouli and that is the reason why Aravind has selected him for Arjun.After the average run of ‘Adurs’ for Vinayak and continuous disappointments for allu arjun (Varudu, Vedam, Arya 2); here is the time for both to shake the BO. One more similarity that strikes between ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Badrinath’ is that the information about both the movies has been kept very confidential till the release. Let us wish that ‘Badrinath’ will take the prestige of Tollywood by one level above ‘Magadheera.’   

Srija, Sirish directed Allu Arjun Love Story

Now, who can forget the episode of Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija eloping with Sirish Bharadwaj which is most dramatically picturized by TV9. After a long period, one e Mega Love News has flown from Mega compound and that is about the wedding of allu arjun with Sneha Reddy.

Being a cinema personality and that too with young blood, Arjun might have gone with his own plan about how to make his daddy bend before his proposal but there is a grapevine going round in Film Nagar that expertise of Srija and Sirish Bharadwaj continuously helped allu arjun in getting towards the Happy climax rather than spoiling the Mega image. 

Sirish and Srija were known to be the hidden hands in directing allu arjun towards his goal without repeating the past errors committed during their age of young blood. Even allu arjun who doesn’t have any career other than movies carved out a delicate strategy to win his love without damaging his Style Star image in the market.

Allu Arjun is against 'Five Day' Marriage

For all those who are unaware of ‘Destination Marriage,’ let us thrown some light. Away from local public and followers, big families along with bride and groom will travel to holiday spots like Bangkok or Mauritius or some other peasant locations which are away from regular crowd, complete the wedding formalities, comeback and arrange a huge reception.

Yes, allu arjun requested his father Allu Aravind to arrange for such ‘Destination Marriage’ much against the ‘Five Day’ marriage of ‘Varudu.’ So, Arjun’s thinking seems to be totally different from traditional ones but Aravind rejected his proposal and called for decision of Sneha Reddy and her family members before getting onto a conclusion

Allu family impressed with Arjun's Sneha

Allu aravind seems to be fully justified by the taste of Allu Arjun in selecting his life partner. Speaking to media few minutes ago, Aravind said that he found Sneha Reddy impressive in the very first look. 

Though Arjun has shown Sneha Reddy for the first time to his father on Facebbok, it was yesterday that Aravind’s family met Sneha and family in personal for the first time. ‘She is five feet seven inches tall, slim and good looking. Basically, she seems to be very calm going and got good respect with patience attitude towards elders. Over all, Sneha impressed all of us in the very first meeting,’ Aravind is totally satisfied with his son’s choice

Family compromised with Arjun

Our Media is so powerful that it unravels the complex situations so easily. When, everyone was discussing about the status disparities between allu arjun and Sneha Reddy families and it was the just sacrificing ‘Social Justice’ slogan of Allu and Chiru which forced them to go for the final call for marriage; here is some special angle which focuses on other side.

Yes, Media has dug out special news that Sneha’s father KC Shekar Reddy being a highly educated professional was looking for an excellent academician for his daughter but allu arjun was an average performer in studies while an excellent performer in his core acting skills. Apparently, Sneha pushed her Family for only a choice of sacrificing the element of education and get the Celebrity status in bonus. Of course, Allu Aravind was calling this as a rumor. 

Finally, it is happy pre climax with announcement of marriage and climax is all set for February 2011 after the release of ‘Badrinath.’

Arjun 'All Clear' & Sirish 'Line Clear'

This Diwali will be most memorable for Allu Arjun as the important episode of his life that is Sneha Reddy is accepted by family members as Allu Aravind made it ‘Line Clear’ for the wedding of Bunny. Among the entire Allu family; one man who is enjoying this happy news more than even Allu Arjun is his bubbly brother allu sirish.

After an official declaration by Aravind, Sirish has no bounds of joy and feels that he is next in the list for marriage. ‘Everybody is joking 2 me, ‘nuvve next’ or ‘inka nee line clear.’ But my marriage is at least 4 years away,’ allu sirish tweeted. Well, Sirish is presently carrying the heavy burden of managing the creative aspects of Geetha Arts and hope that he doesn’t go against his father Aravind’s wishes.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Allu Arjun to marry Sneha Reddy

Sensational news for Mega Fans. Yes, Stylish Star allu arjun who is in love from last few years with Sneha Reddy, daughter of KC Sekhar Reddy, Chairman of SCIENT Engineering College is going to tie the knot with in next few days.

As Allu Aravind has agreed for the proposal, engagement is to happen in next month; if information from few of our regional channels is to be believed. Sneha Reddy is native of Hyderabad and completed her B. Tech, left to USA for MS. 

Sneha Reddy’s MS has now come to an end, Arjun dared to open it before Aravind who agreed for it without any questions. Mega Fans all over the state started to celebrate the news. Great that Aravind accepted the girl from other community.

Allu Arjun to tie knot soon

Son of noted film producer allu arvind and actor Allu Arjun will soon tie the knot with the daughter of a well-known educationalist soon, possibly before the end of the year.

According to his family sources, actor Allu Arjun will marry Sneha Reddy before the year is out. Sources say that the couple have the blessings of their parents for the inter-caste wedding.

Sneha Reddy is the daughter of Shankar Reddy, who owns Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

Shankar Reddy is director of SCIENT Engineering College in the city. Sneha Reddy is native of Hyderabad. She had done her B Tech from the city and MS from a University in the United States of America.

According to sources, the wedding will be held at one of Mr Shankar Reddy’s engineering colleges at Ibrahimpatnam.

After Pawan and Srija, it is Allu Arjun

Two days ago, we have seen Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija officially joining her mother smiling for shutter bugs at the audio release of ‘Orange’ making it an open fact that Sirish Bharadwaj has been heart fully welcomed into Konidela family. Well, this is what Chiranjeevi and his Praja Rajyam speaks about ‘Samajika Nyayam’ implementation which has been started right from his house. To remind one more issue is that Pawan Kalyan’s most long waited marriage with Renu Desai has also been quoted as an example by Media as Chiru’s belief in his own principles.   

Now, allu arjun’s marriage with Sneha Reddy has come as happy news for Mega Fans because Allu Aravind too has taken his own share of showing the gratitude to Chiranjeevi’s ‘Social Justice’ slogan. As said by Allu Aravind that, talks are still going on with Sneha Reddy’s family, everything will be officially out very soon.

For the moment, Mega Compound stood as a real example of ‘Social Equality’ and ‘Social Justice.’ Way to go Mega Star.

Brahmi makes fun of Allu Arjun!

It is too much of coincidence. Allu Arjun’s ‘Varudu’ which spoke about the concept of our traditional 5 days marriage celebration has been heavily kindled in today released ‘Bava’ and today is the same day that news about Allu Arjun’s marriage finalized with Sneha Reddy has come out in media that is Allu Arjun to become ‘Varudu’ in real life.

brahmanandam has done the spoof to ‘Varudu’ and Ali took his part in targeting the five day marriage concept with severe satires. What ever may be the reason but audience enjoyed it early with entry of Brahmi in the movie but later the concept was diluted and director Rambabu failed.

Well, one has to wait to know how Allu Arjun will plan his marriage in real life.

'Allu Vari Love Story' to release next week

Allu Aravind is furious over media for interfering into their family issues without prior permission. As allu arjun and Sneha Reddy’s love story is now a popular subject in State, Allu Aravind is feeling embarrassed to get their sensitive family matter highlighted in media for wrong reasons.

On the other side speculations are rife that Aravind is creating troubles for Arjun & Sneha which isn’t the easy swallow matter for Mega Family. Of the entire media, first to break this news was Studio N of Nara Lokesh. 

‘It is not proper for media to cross their limits and start speculating on our soft family matters. When discussions are going on between both the families about Arjun’s marriage, media should have maintained the patience and re checked the issues before telecasting. We are deeply worried about such irresponsible media members. I will inform the media about all the updates of Arjun’s marriage in one more week. Till then, please keep yourself away silly speculations,’ said Allu Aravind.

Allu Arjun marriage in Summer?

Present hot topic of the Tollywood is Allu Arjun’s marriage; we are hearing this news in Channels and media from past two days saying that Allu Arjun is getting married with his longtime girl friend Sneha Reddy. Sneha Reddy is the daughter of Shankar Reddy, who is director of SCIENT Engineering College. Sneha Reddy is native of Hyderabad and completed her B. Tech, left to USA for MS. 

Earlier we heard from Allu Aravind, father of Allu Arjun stating that talks are going on between the two families. Now the latest news is that both the families are agreed for their marriage and marriage would take place during the summer, 2011.we have to wait for the official announcement from both the families? 
Presently Allu Arjun is busy with the shooting of his new upcoming film "Badrinath" under the direction of VV Vinayak. This movie is set to release for summer.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who leaked Allu Arjun-Sneha Reddy affair?

Who leaked Allu Arjun-Sneha Reddy affair?

Of course, stylish star Allu Arjun's recently disclosed affair with Sneha Reddy is the biggest news in Tollywood, but the hot topic of discussion among the industry people is something else: Who leaked the affair, which was kept secret by Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy for several months, to the media?
Some give the 'credit' to Nara Lokesh, StudioN Channel owner and son of Telugu Desam president N. Chandra Babu Naidu, for breaking it on NTV, while others say it is K.C. Sekhar Reddy, Sneha Reddy's father, an eminent industrialist and director of SCIENT Engineering College in Ibrahimpatnam.
Apparently, Sekhar Reddy made this move after seeing Allu Arjun's father Allu Aravind not taking any serious decision on the affair and dragging the whole proposal for months.
It isn't over yet! The third version is that the man behind the whole episode is Allu Aravind himself, who wanted to leave the bride's father with no option except promising more dowry! Who knows? This is the hot topic inside and outside the industry right now!

Bunny Becomes Varudu

The latest and intresting buzz about our Stylish Star Allu Arjun aka Bunny is the, Bunny's marriage has been fixed with Sneha Reddy, she is the daughter of Shankar Reddy who is the director of SCIENT Engineering College in AP. Sneha Reddy has completed her B.tech and left to USA for MS.
It was announced that the marriage may take place in December 2010, but which was now confirmed for the month February 2011. Bunny turns real life Varudu.

Khilladi Overall Budget Details

Allu Arjun's recently released Khilladi which was the Malayalam dubbed version of Vedam was completed under a cost of production of 45 lakhs. The rights for dubbing was sold out for 30 lakhs and dubbing was confined in 10 lakhs and for the promotion 5 lakhs...
Thameens had faced a huge loss in production of Varan, dubbed version of Varudu and Thameens was able to recover that loss in Khilladi.
Many of the theaters in ernakulam dist. has also changed the movie after the first week.
Even though it was financially successful it aint done well in theaters, Khilladi stands very low in rating when it compares with the movies done by Bunny. Low cost of production affected the movie very badly. Some of the theaters in TVM, Palakkad, and all decided for not taking any Allu movies next time. This is really a bad news for the fans of Bunny in Kerala and a heart breaking thing for the fans of Bunny world wide. Gross of Khilladi in Thrissur alone was 10 lakhs in a week time and also had a decent initial in Kozhikkode dist.
There is a rumor that BADRINATH may be taken by the one who gave birth to Bunny in Kerala, that is Khader Hassan [Redhak Arts]. Please note this news is not confirmed yet.
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