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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Messiah Roles in a Mess

A fascination to essay messiah roles hasn’t augured well for T-town actors, as their movies have failed to recover the huge investments and have cost the producer a lot of money. Even having superstars like Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR and Allu Arjun has not been enough to save the movies and these flops have raised doubts about the commercial viability of such roles in T-town.
Allu Arjun had great opening collections for Badrinath. However, though he was impressive as a sword-wielding warrior and gave a fiery performance, the contrived plot did not sit well with the audience and the collections are already dipping.
Recently, reigning star Jr NTR also dabbled in a similar movie and burnt his hands. He essayed the role of a “protector” of the sacred Shakti Peetam situated in Hampi, but the plot went awry and audiences gave it a thumbs down. It cost the producer a lot of money. “It was not just the messiah role, many other things did not jell with the storyline,” says Ileana, Jr NTR’s co-star in Shakti. Then there was Mahesh Babu’s Mahesh Khaleja, which also drew initial crowds but couldn’t sustain it. “Expectations are a big issue, every fan imagines how the story is going to go and when it doesn’t go that way, then there is a problem,” reasons Mahesh Babu.
The same story holds true for Rajinikanth’s role in Baba and Venkatesh’s Deviputrudu. Ace producer M.S. Raju defends Deviputrudu, saying, “I couldn’t do proper justice to Deviputrudu as there were a few glitches and I had to rush to finish it,” he reasons. Even superstar Chiranjeevi did not succeed with his much-hyped Anji. Director Kodi Ramakrishna says, “Attempting films with a devotional touch is a daunting task. To not upset religious sentiments and to make the characters believable demands a fine balancing act.”

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Bunny’s next movie to cost Rs.50 Cr

Tollywood stylish star and bridegroom Allu Arjun’s next movie will have a budget of Rs.50 Cr. it is learnt.
The abnormally high budget movie, to be made in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam simultaneously, will have a historical story and Arjun has already given his commitment to work on this project.  The makers of this movie have not yet decided on its title but are making arrangements to begin the shooting after the release of Arjun’s present movie ‘Badrinath,’.
The film will be directed by Selva Raghavan who directed ‘Aaduvari Matalaku Ardhale verule’ which featured Venkatesh and Trisha in the leading roles. The news is that the movie will be full of graphics that would enthrall the audiences.
The news, however, has not come as music to the ears of some bigwigs in the industry. Some say that Allu Arjun’s movie ‘Badrinath’ has a high budget of Rs.40 Cr and this movie is yet to be released. “We don’t know how Badrinath will fare and its budget is Rs.40 Cr. The market has no potential to bring good profits to such high budget movies,” is the talk of the Tollywood.

Bunny to do 3D Film in 4 Languages!

Stylish Star Allu Arjun's recent release 'Badrinath' has been a disaster. So Allu Arjun is feeling that Audience are not accepting normal films and want to do a film in 3D format. Bunny is also opining that only Rajamouli can make a 3D film in Telugu and if all goes well these two will team up for a 3D film very soon. It is known that Allu Aravind will produce this film alongwith some other producers. This film will be made in 4 languages simultaneously.

Bunny's 3D Film With Rajamouli

Allu Arjun is one actor who is not only aware of style and fashion but also the audience pulse to an extent. Now, sources close to him reveal “Bunny has realized that the next level of cinema is 3D only. If audience should come to theatres, it is only because of 3D because the other films are already affected by piracy.”

They added “At the same time, he realizes that content is also important. So now, he has decided to do movies in that format. As such, there are only two directors who have that calibre – S S Rajamouli and Shankar but Shankar is not good in content though he has good business sense.”

So, the buzz is that Rajamouli could be the final choice. It is also heard that Allu Aravind might team up with few other producers and come with a heavy budget treat in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English languages. Further details about this ambitious project might be revealed in due course.

Bunny Gives up Promotion of 'Badrinath'

Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Producer Allu Aravind tried their level best to make 'Badrinath' super hit. As per there Promotional events, 'Badrinath' got good collections in First week and now Audience recognized all the reports about 'Badrinath' collections are fake. As per latest trade reports, Collections of 'Badrinath' are completely down in 3rd week. Allu Arjun to forget 'Badrinath' failure went to America with his Wife Sneha Reddy for honeymoon. So Allu Arjun will now not take part of 'BAdrinath' promotion here after.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Happy B'Day Karthika

Allu Arjun Replaced Rana in Selva Raghavan Film !

There was Talk after Rana's debut film 'Leader' that Selva Raghavan direct Rana's second film. It is also said that Ramanaidu would produce this periodic film under 'Suresh Productions' banner. But the project was shelved off as Production Cost got increased. Selva Raghavan before leaving to Chennai narrated the same story to Allu Arjun, who is very much interested on the script. Now Allu Arjun is convincing his father Allu Aravind to produce the film. Very soon after Selva getting married to Geethanjali, Allu Arjun's film will hit floors.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Badrinath Team @ WOW Show

Geetha Arts to Send Winners to Pilgrimage

Geetha Arts is planning to send lucky winners to send Badrinath for pilgrimage. Term it as promotional event or an initiative to boost Allu Arjun's image. Earlier it was reported that Geetha Arts is distributing  Lord Badrinath photos in all the theatres where Telugu movie Badrinath is screening. Ace Producer Allu Arvind is leaving no stone unturned to project Badrinath movie as a hit even in terms of collections.

Badrinath movie which got mixed reactions from all corners of the states is expected to pull distributors off shore by it's collections next week. So in order to attain this, Geetha Arts devised and has come up with a new plan where lucky winners are sent to Badrinath pilgrimage. And the details of the contest would be revealed soon. If you happen to get time just go and watch Badrinath movie and get a free trip to Badrinath and have a darshan of lord. However Badrinath movie is now running in 32 theaters in Hyderabad city with daily 8 shows in Prasad imax. Badrinath movie is known to have collected 28.25 crores till date.

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Though the film initially got a ‘flop’ talk from the critics and the audiences too, All Arjun’sBadrinath is gradually doing a good show at the nearby theatres. Interestingly, the collections stand next to Ram Charan’s Magadheera in the ranking and hopefully, the producers and distributors would get the returns safely by the end of third week.
Meanwhile, the makers of the film – director VV Vinayak and producer Allu Aravind are plotting different strategies to make the Telugu audiences come to theatres. While a pilgrim trip was planned for a few lucky winners in a contest, Vinayak came up with an excellent idea of bringing the divine soil of Badrinath Temple to all the theatres where the film is being screened. Since the soil is considered sacred and believed to have medicinal values, the common man would obviously queue at the theatres, thus increasing the collections of the films. What an idea, sirji?!

Ram Charan in Awe of Allu Arjun

Ram Charan is still in awe of Allu Arjun’s dances in Badrinath. He has once again stressed that Bunny is the best dancer in India now. He says that he has a competitor in the family itself. Charan always speaks high about Arjun and then vice versa.

“Still can’t understand how bunny danced in bhadrinath? He is by far the best dancer in India. Like i said competition lies within the family.” Charan tweeted on his Twitter page. So what about Charan dances? Is he telling that he is not as good as Allu Arjun?

Charan too is a good dancer but didn’t do anything spectacular till now. Will Racha movie showcase the real dancing skills of Ram Charan? Fans are seriously waiting to see Charan dancing to his fullest capabilities. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy B'Day Vijay

Ramcharan- Allu Arjun Clashes Started

The last few months has been rife with the gossips about cracks appearing in the mega family. While strong grapevine about cold war between Chiranjeevi and his brothers was making rounds, here is another one which has become a hot discussion among the cine folks.
 Buzz is that small tiffs have started between Ramcharan and Allu Arjun as well. Apparently, many were eagerly waiting to hear Cherry’s thoughts on Bunny’s latest ‘Badrinath’ but till date he didn’t give a single line. Those who are reading the silence feel things are not that healthy between the two. Already, with the inside talk that fans have split separately for Charan and Allu Arjun and are no longer part of a mega fan camp, this new gossip is gaining momentum. While the mystery of Ramcharan’s mystery still exists, only time will tell whether it is a clash or a backlash waiting to happen.

Kajal with Bunny in Trivikram’s Movie

After Badrinath, Allu Arjun is gearing up for next project under the direction of writer turned director Trivikram Srinivas. The movie will hit the floors on July 3rd. Now the latest news is that Kajal Agarwal has been roped as the female lead role opposite to Allu Arjun for this flick. This is the second film for Kajal with Allu Arjun, earlier the duo worked for Arya 2 movie.The movie will be produced by D.V.V. Danayya on Universal Media banner. More details of the film about cast and crew will be out soon. In the place of Kajal, earlier the movie makers are planned to rope Ileana as heroine in the film. But Allu Arjun was refused to work with Ileana after Shakthi movie flop. Apart from Shakthi flop, Ileana was also demanded Rs 1.25 crore as remuneration and additional Rs 40 lakh for other expenses. She also prefers Mercedes Benz car for dropping and pick up while in shooting. So finally the producers dropped Ileana and decided to go for Kajal.Allu Arjun soon going to foreign trip, when he comes back the movie will go on to sets!!

Box Office: Badrinath (Telugu) Displaces Salman Khan's Ready on Top of Indian Box Office; Bin Bulaye Baraati Wins among New Releases

Badrinath may be a site off former Uttar Pradesh (now Uttarkhand) but it is also the title of the Telugu movie which has the highest net collections for the past week in India.

At around 30+ crores, the telugu film has higher net collections than Ready's net collection , the Salman Khan starrer, which is itself a remake of Telugu film starring Ram and Genelia.

Ready had a 2nd week totalling its lifelong collections towards 90 crore mark so far. Occupancies in multiplexes were down to mid-30% range but overall screening volumes remained high.

Among new releases, the Shahrukh Khan produced Always Kabhi Kabhi had a dismal start. Cycle Kick was poor, while Bheja Fry 2 failed to connect and Bin Bulaye Baraati at about 2 crores off less than 500 screens, had a good opening day haul in north india single screens.

Hollywood release X-Men had a unremarkable week for this edition in India.

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Badrinath is Bigger than Salman's Ready!

Allu Sirish, the younger brother of Allu Arjun is known for making some sensible statements and also can be absolute joker at times. He made a ridiculous statement few hours ago by comparing Badrinath with Salman Khan's blockbuster Ready. "Check ibosnetwork.com - the top grossing film at the INDIAN BOX OFFICE is Badrinath, higher than Ready's 2nd week collections," he tweeted.
Ibosnetwork doesn't have any authenticated information about Telugu cinema box office collections. They have just posted the figures that were announced by Allu Aravind. We all know how 'real' those collections are! Earlier Sirish himself admitted that there is no chance to find out the exact collections of a Telugu film until the producer or distributor reveals. Most of the times producers announce fake collections and Allu Aravind is a master in doing so. Sirish in a desperate attempt to prove Badrinath a big hit has brought ibosnetwork into picture. If that is the case, what happened to BoxOfficeMojo.com report Mr. Sirish? Geetha Arts is the one which introduced that website to Tollywood audience with Jalsa!

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