Friday, March 27, 2015

Will Bunny Recreate Gharana Mogudu Magic?

Will Bunny recreate Gharana Mogudu magic?

We all know that Stylish Star Allu Arjun's Son of Satyamurthy was supposed to release on 8th April as his birthday offering to the Mega fans. However, the production house has finally confirmed that the film will now release on the 9th April. While fans were wondering about this sudden shift just by a day, here's an interesting scoop.

Incidentally, Bunny's uncle, Megastar Chiranjeevi's yesteryears blockbuster Gharana Mogudu was also released on 9th April in the year 1992. The kind of sensation the film created those days was phenomenal and Gharana Mogudu was the first ever film to hit the 10 crore mark in Tollywood's history.

This coincidence made fans and film buffs wonder if Bunny will recreate Chiru's magic with Son of Satyamurthy. Already, the crazy combination of Julayi director, producer and the music director is working in the favour of the film and the buzz is extremely positive among the trade circles. We will have to wait for a couple of weeks more to witness Chiru's magic being recreated.

Who Will Help? Bunny or Pawan???

Who Will Help? Pawan Or Bunny??

It became a norm for many young heroes to use Pawan Kaylan's name and win big openings for their films. Though none of these heroes made quite big by using the name in terms of box office collections, still the mantra is chanted heavily. Needless to say, mega menalludu Saidharam is also doing that.

Perhaps we need not point out Saidharam because for being a family member he has all rights to do so. However Bunny also joined Pawan Kalyan this time. If Pawanism song is a crowd puller for Rey, then Bunny has given away a week of his time by postponing S/o Satyamurthy. In that case Saidharam should be using both Bunny and Pawan.

To make it big on the opening collections, Pawan will help out while collections in long run are a blessing of with Bunny's absense. On top of it, Rey should have within it to score big. Watch this space for our review.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Length Issues for S/o Satyamurthy!

Stylish Star Allu Arjun's S/O Satyamurthy is gearing up for April 9th releease. The makers are busy in the post production works and are also planning a promotional song. On the other side, we have got an information that the movie is around 2 hours 40 minutes length. Particularly the climax being more than 20 minutes.

We are said that Trivikram is working on to trim the movie to ensure that the film do not gets boring. There is a tremendous hype running on the movie in Trade as well as audience as Trivikram and Allu Arjun are in super duper form.

S/o Satyamurthy’s Release Date Confirmed

Allu Arjun’s latest entertainer S/o Satyamurthy has been in the news for quite some time now. As per the latest reports, the makers are planning to release this movie on the 9th of April.
Samantha, Adah Sharma and Nitya Menon are the female leads. Music sensation Devi Sri Prasad has scored the tunes for this flick which is produced by Radha Krishna under his Haarika & Haassine Creations banner.

Rudramadevi Not Releasing in Summer?

Rudramadevi not releasing in summer?
According to trade circles, Gunasekhar’s “Rudramadevi” is not looking like it could make to box office for Summer 2015. There are plenty of hurdles for the movie from post-production side to hit the potential holiday season without any delay.

Firstly, background score work on the movie by Ilayaraja is still pending. The talented composer is still writing scores and he has to move to London to record them and finish. Apart from his work, there are huge visual effects sequences that are to be locked down, say insiders. All this work may take a month more and May 2015 is already fixed by Bahubali and others. We have to see what Guna says. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nandamuri Heros Miss... Bunny Got It !

NTR missed the Chance Allu Arjun got it,NTR to Balakrishna and Jr NTR every one dreamy of this character,Gona Ganna Reddy has performed well and director

Right from NTR to Balakrishna and Jr NTR every one dreamy of this character but luck favored Allu Arjun. Anushka as Rudhrama devi and Bunny as Gona Ganna Reddy has performed well and director Gunashekar is lot confident about this movie. Need to see how Bunny has performed in the much awaited role by Nandamuri family hero's.
In Tollywood every hero has dream to act as some historic hero they like most in their life time. 'Gona Ganna Reddy' is known for his bravery during Kakathiya period. This historic hero attracted Nandamuri heros and are looking for story that fits right. Finally Bunny got chance to work in this role with film Rudhrama Devi. Some times it happens that some one else get chance to work in some one else dream role.

Temper Behind S/o Satyamurthy’s Shift?

Here is some exclusive news for you all. We are bringing you the reason behind the postponement of S/o Satyamurthy.
NTR’s blasting bumper hit Temper has come as  fabulous feast for the  young tiger’s fans who have been craving for real success. NTR too has been waiting for a blockbuster to pounce back  to the winner’s league. Having attained the success that they all craved for,  the partying still continues.
Now that Temper is heading towards the  50 day milestone, we hear fans are  planning to celebrate it in a big way  at the theaters where it is running. Incidentally, this  has affected the Allu Arjun starrer release. Do the math. Having released on Feb 12, Temper  completes its 50 days on the same day as  the originally planned release of the Trivikram directorial S/o Satyamurthy’s, which is April 2. Bowing to fans’ pressure, theaters screening  Temper are reluctant to withdraw the movie on the day. So, S/o Satyamurthy is forced to postpone its release by a week.
Concerned people were reluctant to be quoted directly, but if this is indeed true, are we seeing a new trend ? Will scheduling of movies be determined by fans also ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Record Duration for S/o SatyaMurthy Climax

Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Trivikram Celluloid S/o SatyaMurthy pumping up the heat before the hot summer by creating new records. Already, S/oSatyaMurthy showed, ” How worthful he was?” by sold out with high satellite rights followed by the Overseas and Malyalam distribution rights.
As per the news from the closer sources, S/o SatyaMurthy was heated up to create a new record forever on its name. That Sensational News was,” S/o SatyaMurthy got the most touchy and heart rendering climax by thought provoking dialogues with a duration of almost half an hour. i.e. 25 mins It was a really record for any film. And also, the most important second half of S/o SatyaMurthy was incredible and was going to be the highlight.”
Through S/o SatyaMurthy, Allu Arjun and Trivikram Srinivas were going to set a new path in Telugu Film Industry.
So, fans and folks, ready for the day of S/o SatyaMurthy to celebrate the Trivikram Celluloid with Allu Arjun Style.

Stories for Bunny & Mahesh!

Jagannatakam, the low budget small movie that released a fortnight back has received good response from the audience. The director of the movie got applauded for intriguing screenplay and direction. Pradeep Nandan himself has played the main lead in the film besides scripting and directing the film. Overwhelmed with the pouring in praises, the young director says, acting is his prime interest and direction comes next. He said he was inspired by mega star Chiranjeevi and power star Pawan Kalyan in his acting. In factJagannatakam has many scenes where he imitates Pawan. However, the writer cum director says he would like to make movie with Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun. Pradeep said,”I have fully bound stories for Prince Mahesh and Stylish Star Bunny. I aspire to direct them given a chance.”

Monday, March 23, 2015

Old Woman Defies Age, Dances for Bunny Song!

Age is no barrier for Dance! An Old Woman has proved it yet again!! A video which has gone viral on WhatsApp shows a Woman who is in her 70s or 80s matching her steps to that of Allu Arjun in the 'Cinema Chupista Mama...' dance number from 'Race Gurram'. Even at that age, She feels so young at heart and her energy is unbelievable.  What an inspiring personality? Such people are very, especially in the Indian society. So, Keep your hands together to clap for this elderly woman!!!

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