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Rudramadevi Runtime Locked at 2.38 Hrs

Ruddramadevi is releasing this weekend with maximum number of theatres possible. Generally, period or historical dramas are made with lengthy runtime to cover all the aspects. But Gunasekhar has made wise decision to keep the film very tight since today's audiences have no patience to sit for long time. Hence he wanted the film not to exceed beyond the regular movie time.
The movie's runtime is locked at 2 hours 38 minutes.
Gunasekhar says he covered only the interesting aspects of Rudramadevi life in the movie rather than the entire period of her rule.
Rudramadevi has already created huge buzz around it and the advance bookings will be starting from tomorrow. Anushka is promoting the film aggressively too. The film is reportedly made with Rs 80 Cr budget.

Will Tollywood Support Rudramadevi?

Will Tollywood Support Rudramadevi?

Within less than 3 days, Gunasekhar's most ambitious project till date, Rudramadevi, will release worldwide. Rudramadevi is a result of 3-year blood and sweat of Gunasekhar and his team, who underwent several financial and all other hardships during the filming and even after. Gunasekhar even delayed the film's release over several months in a wait for the right time.

Made with a budget of 80 plus crores, Gunasekhar made Rudramadevi as not just another historic film but made it the country's first ever historic stereoscopic 3D film, to give the audiences a never seen before experience. Now, will the audience reciprocate in the same way? Will they experience what Gunasekhar aspired for.

Even bigger question is, will Tollywood come in support for Rudramadevi with open hearts? During Baahubali released, entire film industry, including directors, producers, top stars and upcoming starlets, media and even fans openly welcomed the film for its gigantic effort in raising the bar for Telugu cinema. Mahesh Babu even postponed his film to ensure Baahubali register good collections at the box-office.

Will the same camaraderie and enthusiasm be showered on Gunasekhar or will the director wage a lone battle after the release? It will surely be a nice gesture by the who's of who of Tollywood if they come forward to Gunasekhar's support.

Gunasekhar Reveals Rudramadevi Secrets

Gunasekhar known for his extravagant sets and stylish taking is coming out with his dream project ‘Rudramadevi’ in 3D on Sep, 4th.
Speaking top scribes after releasing the release poster along with his wife Ragini and daughters Neelima and Yuktha Mukhi, he revealed the film's secrets. 
He said, the film is not a fantasy but 850years old historical story happened in Telugu land. He said, he got inspired by the non-detailed story read in 8th class. He said, he did not twist history and along with script writers Mudigonda Sivaprasad, Parachuri brothers, Thota Prasad and others did 9 yrs research and completed the script.

He added that he did not take the film for extravagant sets and graphics. He said, though the film has both he is confident of the story. He said he always wondered why Hollywood films like ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Brave Heart’ don't come in Tollywood. 
He said even before he announced Anushka's name, many people suggested her name and she worked a lot learning sword fights, horse riding and living in the role.
He said Allu Arjun will entertain as Gona Ganna Reddy for one hour. He said Bunny used to ask him when he will take Rudramadevi, the moment he heard the story in Varudu sets. He said Bunny at first allocated only 30 days but later alloted another 30days.
Guna added Rana will be romantic in the film. He said Ilayaraja's music in London Live orchestra will be the highlight in the film. Rudramadevi's Hindi version will be releasing after Telugu version.

Now according to the latest source, there is also one more getup the actress Anushka will be playing in the movie which is not but of a ‘spy’.

The leaked reports say that Anushka will be donning a male getup in the movie which is rather tough for the audience to indentify when they see it on the screen. She in the movie spies on her rivals and their kingdoms, so she roams through her rival kingdoms in the disguise of man grabbing crucial information about them. So, finally Anushka will be fascinating not only with her lady warrior getup but also with her short time masculine look. 

Interesting Details about Bunny's Role in Rudramadevi

Guna Sekhar’s Rudramadevi is finally going to release this week. A lot is being said about this crazy project and stylish star Allu Arjun plays the character of Gona Gannareddy in this period flick.
Latest reports reveal that Allu Arjun will be present for a total of 50 minutes in the film and will be quite pivotal to the film’s proceedings and Anushka’s character. The stylish star will be seen in a rugged look and all his scenes as a warrior will be a visual treat for the audience.
Already, censor reports reveal that this visual extravaganza has come out supremely well and Bunny’s character will strike a chord with the audience big time. Rudramadevi was in the making from the past two years and the result will finally be out for everyone to see.
Rana Daggubatti and Anushka play other lead roles in this film which has music by Ilayaraja. Gunasekhar produces this film on Guna Team works.

Rudramadevi Benefit Show Details

Rudramadevi Benefit Show details

Mega fans are hosting a mega benefit show of "Rudramadevi" at Sri Ramulu theatre in Hyderabad on October 9th at 3'o clock in the morning.

Bunny Sacrifices Title for Charan

We are very well aware of the relation between Ram Charan and Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun attends most of the audio releases on Charan and openly shows support to his brother-in-law. Ram Charan speaks about Allu Arjun while necessary and praises Arjun for his dancing and acting skills.
These two who belong to Mega Family always support each other in the career and personal life. In fact when Vamsi Paidipally has first narrated the story of “Yevadu” to Allu Arjun, he suggested that Ram Charan would be the perfect guy to fit the shoes of the hero. In “Yevadu” Allu Arjun has also played a cameo.
Now, once again Allu Arjun made a sacrifice for Ram Charan. The tagline of Ram Charan’s movie “The Fighter” was first registered by one of Allu Arjun’s close friend. Allu Arjun very much loved this title. There were rumors that the title “Fighter” is being considered for Allu Arjun-Boyapati Srinu’s upcoming film. Since the titled wasn’t apt to the story, they chose “Sarainodu”.
Knowing this, the makers of “Bruce Lee” felt that “Fighter” would be the perfect tagline to their title asked Bunny to give his title to them. With no second thought, Allu Arjun gave away his title and proved once again how much does he loves Ram Charan.

How Baahubali Helped Rudramadevi?

As per Trade Circles, A Industry Hit expands the reach/market and helps other films get benefited in terms of business. We have seen how the success of 'Baahubali' played a key role in deciding the pre-release business and success range of 'Srimanthudu'. Has this been the same for 'Rudramadevi'?

When quizzed about it, Gunasekhar explained: "Rudramadevi began even before Baahubali went on floors. Even the pre-release business of Rudramadevi has been almost complete before Baahubali was released. So, Baahubali didn't help Rudramadevi gain much Business-wise. The only benefit is the Hindi market. 100% credit for good theatrical business for Hindi version of Rudramadevi goes to Baahubali. Baahubali, which is a memorable hit, proved audience are willing to encourage such good content".

Gunasekhar spent Rs 80 crore on 'Rudramadevi'. Is he releasing the film with table profits after working so hard for 3 years? Definitely No! He, however, could make profits if the film hits bull's eye as satellite rights are yet to sold out.

Rudramadevi Becomes the Cynosure of All Eyes

Gunasekhar’s much awaited historic 3D epic, Rudramadevi is up for release this 9th of October. Reports reveal that the film which was in the making for a long time has come out exceptionally well and will impress the audience big time.
As the post production and CG works were taking a lot of time, the film was being postponed many a times. But now with things moving on swiftly and the film carrying positive reports, looks like there are good times ahead for both Anushka and Gunasekhar who have worked very hard for this project.
The pre-release business for the film is quite impressive and the audience are itching to see how the film has turned out. Anushka plays the central character in this film which also has Rana and Allu Arjun in important characters.
Gunasekhar produces this film on his Guna Team Works banner. Ilayaraja has given the music score.

Monday, October 05, 2015

I Salute Anushka : Bunny

Anushka starrer Rudhramadevi is all set to hit screen on October 9th. The Rudramadevi team while to talking to media yesterday , clarified the rumors and state the film is releasing worldwide on 9th of October and they have also cleared all the doubts. Allu Arjun has spoken with the media and shared his opinion on the film.
“I salute Anushka for her hard work and dedication. She worked for almost three years on this project. No one else could have done such a tremendous job.” Bunny said.

Rudramadevi- Promotions in Full Swing

Countdown has begun for the grand release of Gunasekhar's epic historical drama, Rudramadevi. The movie is all set for worldwide release on 9th October.
Now that there is full-clarity about the release, the team members of Rudramadevi have begun its promotions in full-swing. All the stars have started interacting with the media. In fact, the film doesn't need any promotions as it has already created huge interest among all Telugu film lovers. What it needs to convey the message is that it is releasing on 9th October as it was postponed couple of times.
Anushka who devoted to the movie is so excited about the movie's release and says the movie would become Telugu cinema's pride. Allu Arjun and Rana have also begun promoting in their own capacity and lending all the support Gunasekhar needs.
Meanwhile, it is learnt that the film's Tamil version will release on 16th October as per the wishes of Tamil distributors. But the Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi versions will hit worldwide on 9th October.
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