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Friday, October 18, 2013

Yevadu to be Dubbed In Malayalam

It could be an attempt to encash the following Allu Arjun has in Malayalam or it could be an attempt to expand Charan's market to new languages. It could as well be an attempt by Dil Raju who's just announced yesterday that 'Yevadu' still has two months for release in Telugu, to keep some news flowing from the camp and keep the audience warm and guessing about the film. So, the news is that 'Yevadu' will be released in Malayalam too.
The role of Charan is quite endearing and exciting at the same time. His journey is very long and is of a warrior on his way to wage a war. Why, against whom and where is the journey to... will be answered by the film itself says the producer. Dil Raju looks quite confident about the product and not worried about the fact that the movie has got a staleness in the appeal thanks to the number of postponements. In any case. December 19th is the final date as of now and it's not known if the Mallu version will be released simultaneously or after the Telugu version.

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