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Friday, October 25, 2013

Jr NTR Okay with Bunny's Story?

Jr NTR Okay With Bunny's Story?

Of late, various sources give various updates about one particular movie and that leads to confusion in film circles. That is the case with director Harish Shankar too about his next project. After the debacle of Ramayya Vastavayya, everyone is waiting to for the next movie of this Gabbar Singh maker.

In fact Harish Shankar has developed a story for Allu Arjun sometime back, and he recently mentioned that he is yet to narrate that story to the stylish hero. Harish stated that only after narrating that script to Bunny, he will come to know if he is doing a movie with him or not. Probably after the shocking result of Ramayya Vastavayya, one will not expect Harish to get agreed by Bunny. But surprisingly the director shared that he is going to direct Jr NTR again by correcting the mistakes he has done in Ramayya Vastavayya.

Some doubt if Harish is actually selling that script prepared for Bunny to Young Tiger. In that case, we have to see how Jr NTR agreed for a script that is prepared to suit Bunny's body language. A laugh riot that is prepared for Bunny may not fit for NTR as both these heroes have different shades of energy in tackling certain characters. Also the wound is fresh in case of Ramayya Vastavayya, and maybe it will be better for NTR to repeat the combination after getting healed.

Directing one hero with story prepared for another hero happened many a times anyway, but directing a hero again even after delivering a flop with him is first of its kind.

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