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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Whose Festival Bunny will Take Up?

Whose Festival Bunny Will Take Up?

Stylish hero Allu Arjun is racing with 'Race Gurram' to make it stand in Sankranti race of 2014 along with Mahesh Babu's One. That's okay, but what is the next project of our mega hero? News of one particular project is being heard from long time, and here it goes.

A tentative title of Bunny's upcoming film is doing rounds in Film Nagar and it happens to be 'Pandaga Chesko'. Earlier gossip mills shared that director Harish Shanakar is directing a movie with Allu Arjun with that title. However Harish stated the other day that he is yet to narrate a story to our stylish hero and only then he will get a confirmation. Coming to another angle, director Gopichand Malineni and writer Kona Venkat are narrating a story to Bunny from some time. Insiders say that our hero got impressed with the narration and this film is titled 'Pandaga Chesko'.

We can count on one thing that Bunny is doing festival for sure, but whether it is with Harish Shankar or Gopichand Malineni remains to be seen. Just confusion remains for now, and we will get more clarity once the Allu Arjun opens his mouth. What say folks?

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