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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Julayi - Fashion Review

Julayi Fashion review.
Costumes: Shwetha
The latest movie of the stylish star Allu Arjun with punchy dialogues of Trivikram Srinivas along with glamorous Ileana has arrived. Allu Arjun continues his legacy as stylish star with stylish appearance which stands highlight for the movie. An intelligent mind game movie with a message has succeeded in reaching the expectations of the audience. The fashion aspects of the movie are here for the readers.
Allu Arjun:
 Bunny, with his usual enthusiasm of following trends of fashion with appealing costumes and accessories comes as “julai” to treat the audience. He plays a role of a middle class guy who believes to hit luck in one hit to earn big money. This attitude is what designs his character. He enters the screen with a casual banian exposing his physique. In the very next scene, he shifts on to a mustard yellow colour chequered hooded shirt which is sensibly carried through an action scene and also title song. In the later parts, he uses v-necked t-shirts with blazers on them with cargo pants and jeans. He also uses flat caps, light brown goggles, sweat bands and canvas shoes as accessories on those costumes. In second half, he wears apple cut slim fit shirts with chequered pattern. Coming to songs, he appears on variety stylish costumes in each song, rough guy look in title song with sweat bands, kerchief tied to neck and leg on torn jeans in title song, romantic lover boy look with blazers on t-shirts, shaded goggles, flat caps, sport shoes along with suitable accessories in o madhu song, in rough sleeveless riding blazer and glasses, with belt worn to a side (used this style in other songs also) in chakkani bike undi song, in glittering shirts of crape fabric, a punk mass appeal is given with his hairstyle, belt style and accessories which made audience remember mega star chiranjeevi while watching mee intiki mundho gate song. Costumes in all songs have carried out stylish look throughout the movie. In the interval fight scene, plain grey shirt looks a bit elegant, the climax costume of v-neck t-shirt with a leather coat on it looks apt. A variation of costumes in second half from first half can be observed with plain shirts in second half used more relevant to the situation of the character. Another treat from bunny to the audience with his trendy costumes and stylish accessories is promised.
 The character of the heroine starts as a girl brought up by a step mother with many conditions and limitations in her life. The fans of Ileana are sure disappointed at first on her appearance, which is very suitable to situation explained above. According to this situations, she wears a chudidar which looks like a curtain cloth, with big red framed glasses and clips on her teeth . Short Kurtis with three fourth and long sleeves are also used in this part. Later as she starts falling in love with bunny, the variation is clearly visible as she removes glasses with lens and appears in trendy costumes, jeans, tees, frocks( in songs ). Ileana turns into the glamorous doll of the movie from here. She looks like dream girl. In songs, the glamour is still intensified with trendy frocks, stylish tees and jeans. In the second half, a matured and responsible girl look is given to her by the costumes. In me intiki mundho gate song, she appears in glittering costumes. Overall, she takes marks as the glamorous actress again.
Sonu Sood:
 Sonu sood plays role of a villain who believes in doing a work which he knew and never do anything which he does not know. He appears in hooded tees with spiked hair style. With stylish rough jackets and goggles, he carries the negative role successfully. he wears slim fit and body fit tees mostly and in only one scene he wears a shirt. The color combinations for his costumes are deliberately choosen which stand competitive to hero's costumes.
 Definitely a stylish movie with latest trends and styles along with glamorous heroine, is presented. The credit for the nice appearance and catchy looks of costumes goes to the cinematography. Proper lighting and background colors choosen has elevated the appearance of costumes. A nice care and good work by Chota. K. Naidu and Shyam . K . Naidu in cinematography for this movie. A nice work and sensible selection in costumes are observed throughout the movie on all the casting. The punchy dialogues of trivikam added to the beauty of the movie.

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