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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Top Directors Waiting for Bunny

Allu Arjun on Mega Star Chiranjeevi
On one side, Allu Arjun is enjoying his turkey trip with his family. Along with this, on the other side he is getting the directors ready for his upcoming films. Not just one or two directors, he has kept 3 directors in waiting. Nobody knows which movie he would start.
Bunny has accepted to do a movie with Vikram Kumar who is the director of Manam and 24. Even the director announced about this movie. But he asked for some time to make the script ready. At the same time he has planned a movie with the Tamil director Lingusamy also which is a bilingual film, but our hero has not given a green signal yet.
Now, Harish Shankar is also in the same queue. He actually planned a movie with Pawan Kalyan but he has impressed Allu Aajrun with a story. Immediately Bunny made a promise that the movie would be started immediately. Even though he worked very hard for the movie Subramanyam For Sale, it remained as an average project. That is why Harish Shankar took a lot of time to get his next project approved by a hero.
When would this Allu Arjun’s film start and when would he complete all the committed projects is the question.

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