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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sarrainodu Taking Balayya Movie Path?


In olden days, there used to tough competition among the actor and their films. The movies used to run successfully in the theatres for nearly 50 days and 100 days in several theatres.

Those were the days when films like Narasimha Naidu, Indra, Chenna Kesava Reddy, Aadi, Tagore and Simhadri ran successfully for 50, 100 or even 175 days. Only one actor seems to be maintaining the same trend since the past few years. Balakrishna's last flick Simha and Legend had run for 100 and 175 days in theatres respectively.

Now another actor, Allu Arjun has joined the list whose recent flick Sarrainodu has completed 50 days in more than 100 theatres although the movie received a mixed response from the audience. Allu Arjun's Sarrainodu is likely to reach 100 days soon. 

Sources inform that since 10 years, no Telugu movie has run for so these many days simultaneously in a large number of theatres. It is definitely a great feat for Allu Arjun.

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