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Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Bow Down to Their Passion: Bunny

'Being a top producer's son, a star hero and with money, I struggled to produce this short-film. It's no joke. Now I understood the hard work these short film makers are putting in', said Allu Arjun, at the press meet of 'I Am That Change', a short film produced by Bunny and directed by Sukumar.
I Bow Down To Their Passion: Allu Arjun'Passion in heart, concept in mind and camera in hand are the only infrastructure those short filmmakers have. I sincerely bow down to their passion', Bunny stressed, praising the community of short film makers. Coming to his short film, he says, 'I wanted to do something for society from a while, but never had an idea. Sukumar has come with this concept and we have shot it in two days. If we glance at freedom fighters have done to our nation, my contribution is nothing'. The leading star hero expressed the need for every youth to do something for the nation and praised his cast and crew who charged nothing or peanuts to work on this short.
Director Sukumar too felt excited for directing this short film, as he says that social-service oriented non-profitable flicks always excite him. This short film will be screened in theatres across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on August 15th, while chances are there it will be aired on TV too. 

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