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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bunny Clarifies the Drinking Incident

allu arjun

A video showing Allu Arjun stopped by police for a drunk and drive test went viral yesterday (18 August). This created unnecessary buzz and also showcased Allu Arjun in a bad light. An actor who has huge fan following had set up a bad example. Allu Arjun has given a clarification putting an end to all the ill publicity that he got because of this incident. 

He wrote, "Regarding the police stopping my car video, this is what happened that night. The police did ask me to blow into the breathalyzer but I said I was a little uncomfortable with all the cameras at me. Once they were taken away, I did take the test and was let go by the police. And I don’t think Hyderabad police will leave anyone, caught drunk driving without proper action. The video is being circulated without this part. So stop this negative propaganda. Even if I have a few drinks I always walk back or ask someone to drop me off or take a taxi or an auto. It's very disrespectful to see one of the media groups to leak the video and be edited in such a wrong pattern."

It should be remembered that Allu Arjun recently produced a short film, I Am That Change, asking people to be responsible citizens. 

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