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Monday, July 03, 2017

Reviewers Should Respect Our Cinema - Bunny

Continuing his hardcore backlash at Review Writers for literally ripping apart "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham" which has collected nearly 66+ crores share in 10 days from the worldwide box office, Allu Arjun made some sharp comments yet again. 

While travelling on a chartered flight from Chicago to another destination in Bay Area, USA, Bunny expressed that both rating system and pushing audiences to watch a film basing on that rating system is wrong.  "Cinema is an emotion. How can you rate an emotion? Can you rate your mother with those star ratings? Even you can't rate a cinema like that. At the same time, giving some stars and pushing that onto audiences is also not good. How can you say that NRI audiences will only like a film with this many star-ratings?" asked Bunny, upright.

"Most review writers don't have respect on 'commercial cinema'. Because they can't watch a mixed genre film and habituated to watching only single genres. Our films have all the genres included. We've Dances means music genre, Fights cater to the action genre, love belongs to the romance genre, twists are thriller genre and sentiment brings drama genre. Is there any film with five-genres mixed? Even Titanic has only two genres, romance and drama" he said, explaining the commercial factor of Telugu films. 

Elaborating the multi-genre concept further, he said "Multi-genre film is a unique theme carved by South Indian filmmakers and it's unfortunate that our reviewers can't own it. Even, having an interval in a movie is a unique thing created by us. Foreigners go shell-shocked with this aspect and no English screenplay writer even thinks about an interval".

And Bunny concludes by taking an example of Baahubali. "Even Baahubali is rated great film because it is a multi-genre movie. We're Indians and we don't like eating single dish for lunch. We need all varieties from biryani to fry to soda for lunch. So we have to own this multi-genre format and promote it. I request review writers to respect this uniqueness and write reviews", he said, wrapping up. 

We have to see how review writers react at this!!

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