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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Bunny Means Hard Work

Whoever knows Allu Arjun can’t stop raving about his hard work and passion for movies.
And one is Catherine Teresa who revealed some important facts about Bunny in a recent interview.
'Bunny is a dedicated artist. He keeps his heart and soul into the work. He is a thorough professional  and if there is a song to be canned, he starts practicing it four days prior the shoot and ensures that he gets all the dance movements right.
He believes in this mantra – Practice makes a man perfect. And yes, he is a perfectionist when it comes to dances. It is very difficult to match up with his dance.
The way audience laud his efforts today by seeing him dance on screen is due to the hard work that he puts behind the screen,' said Catherine.
Right from childhood, Bunny is mad about movies. With this madness came hard work and dedication towards the art.
Born and bought up watching Chiranjeevi movies and dances, Bunny developed love for dance and started working from his childhood.
Way to go Bunny, with this hard work and dedication levels added with discipline, you will go places.
Not to forget the support he gets from mega mama and mega dad, he could well be the contender for Number 1 place, who knows? 
Catherine's words gave a similar impression

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