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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Can Say I Love You Only to Him: Bunny

Filmmakers are taking up new kind of promotions these days.  A star promoting another star's film.. promoting small budget flicks with the help of stars have become a trend in Tollywood now.  It is a good development indeed.  Because many times a small budget movie go unnoticed for lacking proper promotional campaign.  Coming to the present, a top director has produced a film and a star hero is promoting it.

We all know that Sukumar is producing 'Darshakudu' movie.  He is inviting big stars to promote the film.  Stylish Star Allu Arjun attended the pre-release function of 'Darshakudu' yesterday and he made interesting comments about Sukumar. He said that "When Sukumar is producing a film, it is like my own film. Because Sukumar is my friend. We have a great bonding.  If I have to say 'I Love You' to a person among the males.. I will choose only Sukumar."

"If I need to talk about a director... there are several crafts in the movies. The director is the one who gives life to all of them.  I need to tell you one more thing. This is the most difficult among the responsibilities of a director. i.e., 'ego management on the sets'.  Director has to work with everybody.  He has to satisfy everybody's ego.  This is more complex than the direction itself."  He conveyed best wishes to Telugu heroine Eesha.  Similarly, he conveyed all the best to director Hari Prasad entire creative team. 

When the fans were shouting about the 'Arya3'.. he said that  "The hero in Arya is insane,  He became more insane in Arya 2. If he has to make Arya 3, he has to make the film on a mad guy.  If Sukumar prepares a story, I'm ready."

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