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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bunny-Cherry Challenge to Varun Tej

Bunny-Cherry challenge to Varun Tej
Naga Babu's son Varun Tej has to face tough competition from his cousins alone. He has to compete with Ram Charan and Allu Arjun who are already in the top list of current crop of heroes. Coming from Mega Family, Varun Tej also has another challenge to face. Most of the mega heroes are very good dancers and fans will expect Varun Tej to be on par with Charan and Bunny in this department.

Barring Pawan Kalyan and not taking Allu Sirish into consideration all the other Mega heroes are pretty good dancers. Even Sai Dharam Tej who is all set to make debut soon is impressive with his slick dance moves. So Varun Tej will have to be a decent dancer to make an impression especially with so many good dancers coming from his family.

Varun Tej has good looks and he is one of the tallest lads in TFI now. He will surely have an edge as a looker, but what about the performance and dances? Varun's debut film started rolling already. This film is expected to release for next Pongal. Let's hope Varun Tej has enough talent to compete with the top stars. 

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