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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bunny Stands Next After Mahesh!

Bunny Stands Next after Mahesh!
Stylish Star Allu Arjun stands next after Prince Mahesh Babu. Yes, what you heard is right. If Mahesh Babu is considered to be the king of brand endorsements, Allu Arjun stands strong in the race to surpass him. Currently, Mahesh Babu is endorsing at least eight brands. Having signed a new brand, Allu Arjun is to endorse four brands altogether. As of now, we have seen Allu Arjun endorsing the products such as '7-Up', 'Colgate Tooth Paste' and 'Joy Allukkas' jewellery'. 
Recently, Allu Arjun signed for a mobile company 'Lot' for a whopping Rs.2.5 crores deal. The commercial was recently shot by the director Krissh, with whom, Bunny earlier worked for the movie 'Vedam'. Top heroines such as Kajal, Ileana, Charmi and Samantha have acted as the brand ambassadors of 'Lot' so far. This is the first time the mobile company roped in a big star hero as their brand ambassador.

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